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Sunday, October 28, 2012

[Comp] Ras Kass, Xzibit & Saafir as GOLDEN STATE PROJECT

Few rappers as talented and well-known as Ras Kass have had as many failed deals and shelved projects. From the "Van Gogh" and "Goldyn Child" solos to the Four Horsemen supergroup, fans have been left with dodgy bootlegs and broken promises. Similairly, Ras was also an official member of the group Golden State Project, along with fellow West Coast heavy hitters Xzibit and Saafir. Originally going by Golden State Warriors, the trio was supposed to deliver a full-length called "The Coast is Clear" as the first release on Xzibit's now defunct Open Bar Entertainment imprint. This was right around the time of the major success X was enjoying with 2001's "Restless", and had everything gone down as planned Golden State would've probably made a lot of noise around the same time. As is often the case when dealing with multiple artists signed to different labels, Priority wouldn't release Ras Kass from his contract for the release. It's unknown how much of an actual album was recorded at the time, but through multiple collaborations between its members we can still get a pretty good idea about how fantastic this power trio could be on wax. 

My man Ant, who previously contributed with several superb compilations and other material for The Lost Tapes (including the original "Center Of Attention" rip), brings the goods yet again with ten tracks featuring Golden State Project. The opening number, "Bounce, Rock, Golden State", is lifted from the Training Day soundtrack and is to this day the only 12" single released in the group's name. "The Big Picture" was ripped from Xzibit's MySpace and is supposedly a song from the actual recording sessions circa 2001. The other tracks is borrowed from various releases by all of the individual artists and totals 40 minutes of heat that will have you curse Priority Records for standing in the way for this to happen in any official capacity. Major thanks to Ant for hooking me up with this banger, it's really well put together!

01. "Bounce, Rock, Golden State" [prod. Battlecat]
02. "3 Card Molly" [prod. Bud'da]
03. "Touch Somebody"
04. "The Big Picture"
05. "Plastic Surgery" [prod. E-Swift]
06. "Sex" (Ft. JellyRoll)
07. "Back Up Offa Me"
08. "Break Yourself" (Ft. Truth Hurts) [prod. Rick Rock]
09. "Harder" [prod. JellyRoll]
10. "NBA" [prod. Rockwilder]