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Friday, October 19, 2012

Roc Marciano - "Momma's Song"

Strong Island's hardest emcee, Roc Marciano is, as we all know, gearing up for the release of his Decon Records album "Reloaded". So far we've heard a few official singles, and a few non-album cuts (digital B-sides if you will), all extremely fat. What's really interesting is that the album cuts and the promotional tracks sounds just about as hot which speaks volumes on the talents of this cat. The latest in line is "Momma's Song" and is more superior material that won't make the album. Imagine how sick this album will be, when tracks like this and "Rocky II" is rather "good, but not great enough" by the artist. Much props to Marcy for making sure his fans gets his absolute best on each and every song, that's very rare these days.

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