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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Showbiz & AG - "All Time Greats" (Ft. Party Arty)

There's no question about it, Showbiz & AG are the #1 artist of the year. From releasing a free street album that's been getting a lot more rotation than the vast majority of 2012 LP:s, to two sizzling iTunes drops (a remix album and an instrumental album), they have taken some extreme but super appreciated steps in building the hype for "Mugshot Music", their fifth retail release. Produced by Showbiz, overseen by DJ Premier and written and performed by one of the realest emcees in the game this is a must buy for any true fan of authentic heavyhitting music. The album is said to drop on October 9 via D.I.T.C. imprint, which I find a little worrying considering we haven't even seen a tracklist or where to pre-order. The release of singles point towards the right direction though.

So far we've been hearing three singles, and they all fall under the category of superior ish in my humble opinion. Another plus is that with only three tracks heard we've already heard guest vocals from D.I.T.C. aficonado's like OC, A-Bless and even the late Party Arty who still sounds fantastic over Show's production (supporters of the "Mugshot Music: Remixes" also got to hear him rip it on "Suspended Animation"). In case you missed the previous singles, make yourself aquianted with "Everytime I Touch The Mic" and "Walking On Air", before you dwell into the P-80 assisted "All Time Greats".


  1. here's the tracklist:

    man, you really need to visit forum more frequently :)

  2. There's no question about it, Showbiz & AG are the #1 artist of the year.



  3. definitely they are supreme highlights in a long lost artform.

    gonna have to combine my mugshot musics to create a supreme version.

    id like to see a showbiz/ag/freddiefoxxx/nas/djpremier/oc/diamondd/lordfinesse collabo. word.