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Friday, October 19, 2012

El-P to release "C4C" Instrumental LP

El-P is a talented rhymer, but he's definitely an aquired taste. Not to front and say that his production isn't, but for me personally I'm a much bigger fan of The Producto's beats than his rhymes, though I think he's a worthy mention on both accounts. This year's "Cancer 4 Cure" was in many ways an excellent project, and while it won't make my top 10 list of the year, it was free of filler and had some absolutely unbelivable cuts. I've followed El-P since the late Company Flow days, and as far as solo material goes I'd place "C4C" right at the top of the barrell (not counting the magnificent jazz project "High Water").

But, one of my absolute favorite cuts on the album is the explosive instrumental monster "Request Denied" as it puts the sonical experiment at the forefront. So, for me it's great news that El-P has decided to release the entire LP in an instrumental version, also on Fat Possum Records. Anyone who remember the OxStrumentals of "The Cold Vein" knows that El-P's music can stand very well on its own, as they feature layers on layers of interesting twistes that you never even knew was there in the first place. Just check out the "Tougher Colder Killer" instro from the project below. Stay tuned for more info, and while we're at it, Kanye West should definitely take notice though I guess he's afraid that people will stop buying his ordinary retail albums once the instrumental versions becomes an option.

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