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Friday, October 19, 2012


About an hour ago, I posted the first video from above mentioned  soundtrack, Meth's, Gibb's and Street's "Built For This". Turns out, I got something a whole lot better for y'all today, something that I'm definitely gonna give a real through spin later tonight. I'm talking about a stream of the complete "Man With The Iron Fists" original soundtrack, not the score that is, but the 17-tracks exclusive joints version that drops on October 23. As I said before, the half I do have heard is nothing short of exceptional, so it will be real fascinating to see if the remaiing tracks lives up to the same standard; in that case, this is another absolutely amazing soundtrack directed by The RZA (see the trailer below). 
A lot of Frank Dukes production, a lot of live instrumentation by The Revelations, a RZA/Kanye production collaboration (that has wack lyrics but an exceptionally well produced backdrop), two new Wu-Tang Clan joints; one of them featuring Kool G Rap, a couple of RZA collaborations, the beautiful cover of "I Forgot to be Your Lover" by Tre Williams and The Revelations, a smooth but excellent Talib Kweli & RES collaboration, the final version of "Tick, Tock" with Danny Brown added, etc. For some reason the last song, Wu-Tang Clan's "Six Drections of Boxing" is not included in this set. Neither is the Wu-Block type of bonus joint which is good since that means there's still a suprise in store for us left once the album drops. If you're still not convinced by everything written abovfe, then this is clearly not for you. For us others, put on your favorite pair of headphones, click play below and let the 15 tracks play in full from front-to-back...And enjoy!

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