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Friday, October 19, 2012

[EP] DJ MUGGS - "Sound Clash Business"

I totally have been sleeping on this release; I knew Muggs was going in a new direction and try out some new stuff on a forthcoming project, but apparantly it has already been released a couple of days ago. The result is the freEP "Sound Clash Business", distributed by Mishka Records. It's definitely a Muggs like you never heard him before, but I think after all the immaculate music he has delivered throughout the years he definitely has earned the right to experiment a bit. Read more about the EP here.

The five tracks heard here incorporates elements of DJ Muggs as we know, especially the way he programs his drums (although don't expect too much hip-hop patterns) and heavy bass, but mixed in with elements of dub step, and trap music with a lot of digital effects and a fascination for the synthesizer. Besides three instrumentals, the remaining cuts are performed by Chuck Inglish (of The Cool Kids), and ASAP Rocky. The joints with Dizzee Rascal and that other one didn't make the final cut, which is good news. Now this is hardly true school music, but Muggs is a true school artist in every sense of the word, and also one of my favorites, so I'm gonna at least post it. You can take it or leave it! ...Oh and please drop a comment on how you feel about Muggs' new path. Personally, I think it's cool that he want to expand, as long as it's a one-time thing only.


  1. Hey, just to note that the "Bass For Your Face" electronic/dubstep project with the Dizzee and Chuck D joints, is different to this and is still coming out in Jan 2013.

    What's probably of more interest to most Muggs fans is a new project he's talking about called "The Cypress Experience".

  2. yo, you are absolutely right.. i found it odd that the Dizzie joint wasn't on here and i totally forgot about the Chuck D track. i now believe that this is a type of Prelude EP, and the real album will be the "Bass For Your Face" in 2013 as you mentioned... i still haven't given this a fair chance, i listened on computer speakers, but i'm gonna give it a try with my best pair of headphones tonight. it is MUGGS afterall.

    i wonder what that "Cypress Experience" is.. it could be an instrumental album of Cypress tracks under Muggs name.

  3. Yeah you're right this is probably a prelude ep to tide us over until Bass For Your Face, which seems to be taking ages to come out (Snap Ya Neck Back was previewed this time last year...). Speaking of Bass For Your Face, there's a new video out today:

    Not really sure what the Cypress Experience will be, there's only been a couple of mentions on Muggs facebook so far - apparently he did a song with Roc Marciano.

    Great blog BTW! I don't check many sites these days and wouldn't have heard about the Man With The Iron Fists pre-order if it wasn't for here.