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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

[Tracklist/Snippets] Showbiz & AG's "Mugshot Music"

Yesterday I posted the third official single from Show & A's much anticipated D.I.T.C. release "Mugshot Music" that is set to drop in less than a week today. I commented that the date seemed a little too optimistic, considering none of the usual suspects had it up for pre-order, until a comment from a Lost Tapes reader put me up to the Amazon digital downloads section which features the full tracklist and snippets of all music. As much as I love Show & AG's and have supported everything they have released, including this year's three iTunes releases, if this turns out to be a digital album only I'm gonna be royally pissed. This deserves a vinyl release, or at the very least a professional pressed CD, but hopefully the mp3 version is released in advance, so I'm not giving up any hope yet.

A great thing about the 16 track tracklist is that none of the songs from "Mugsht Music: Preloaded", although "Trapped" and "Timeless" from the accompanying remix album made its way to the tracklist. As long as we get a physical release that's nothing but great anyways... Here's the tracklist, and the snippets/pre-order @ Thoughts?
01. "Intro"
02. "Everytime I Touch the Mic" (Ft. OC & Frank V)
03. "Beautful"
04. "Visions"
05. "I Luv Her When I'm High"
06. "All Time Greats" (Ft.. Party Arty)
07. "One Way" (Ft. Frank V)
08. "Michelle"
09. "The Soul" (Ft. Frank V)
10. "Back & Forth"
11. "Don't Worry"
12. "Timeless"
13. "Trapped"
14. "Walkin' On Air" (Ft. A-Bless)
15."Ain¨t Shit Changed"
16. "One Train Of Thought"


  1. I agree homie.... This needs a proper retail release not just digital only. I really hope CD &/or vinyl is pressed up for this cuz I fell like u that this may be the best album of the year based on preloaded and the remix album!