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Saturday, October 6, 2012

K-Def - "Soul Under Ya Nose" (Ft. Par Iz)

I'm not sure who Par IZ is but he got some nice lyrics placed over this mindblowing K-Def banger called "Soul Under Ya Nose". As usual, the beautiful guitar hooks, the drum beat and the rest of the musical magic is 100% free of samples, totally murdered on Cubase. K-Def more than already payed his dues on the SP12 and MPC machines, and considering he does sample sounding music better than 99% of sample-based producer without even actually use them, you just got to tip your hat off the Jersey native. I have no clue where, or if, this will show up on any project but it's a nice loosie either way, as is the smooth electric organ, sax and vibes heavy hitter called "Improvs From The Brain" (possibly "From Da Brain" part two). Both tracks are found below!

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