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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

[Reissue] OMNISCENCE - "The Funky Oneliner EP"

Last week I posted North Carolina emcee Omniscence's return to the scene in the form of the limited 7" single "Raw Factor 2.0". Om's been around since the early '90s but due to severe label problems a lot of people probably wouldn't even recognize his underground classics like "Wreckonize", "Touch Y'All" or "Amazin'". In 1993 he released the rare but slamming boom bap monster "The Funky Oneliner", that was filled with ill cuts, glaring horns, mesmerizing melodies formed in the wall-shaking low ends, and of course plenty of hot lyrics delivered by a memorable voice and cadence.

The four track EP (plus instrumentals) caught the attention of Mr. Dante Ross and Elektra Records, where Omniscence recorded his 21 track debut album, "The Raw Factor", an album that still holds up as a quality release today. However, as with much of Elektra's rather impressive mid-'90s roster (Juggaknots, Pete Rock's InI & Deda Baby Pa, Supernatural, etc.) the vast majority of the acts was released from their contracts and their albums shelved.  Lucky for hip-hop fans all over the world, the new 7" single is not all that Omniscence's got in stores for us this year; in fact "The Funky Oneliner EP" is finally getting an official release, via Dope Folks Records. You can count me in for an instant purchase, but what I'm really hopng for is the long-awaited release of the original "The Raw Factor", which to my knowledge never even been physically bootlegged.  Check out the opening joint, "Wreckognize" below and stay tuned for the actual 12" EP which drops in early November. Massive thanks to the homie Verge for this beautiful information!!

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