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Sunday, October 30, 2011

M.O.P. - "Handle Ur Bizness" EP

While we're eagerly awaiting the release of "Sparta", let's take it back to 1998 with M.O.P.'s "Handle Ur Bizness" EP. Considering that this joint has been out-of-print for quite some time it took me a while to get my hands on it, but once I did I found it to be a worthy addition to my Mash Out collection. Eight tracks deep, Lil' Fame and Billy Danze are sporting their usual energetic and anger steaming performances without lacking the raw emotion and tight deliveries that originally made them two of my favorite rhymers. The EP was released shortly before their third album, "First Family 4 Life", came out and is sonically very much in the same vein. Primarily produced by Laze E Laze, all the material besides the Preemo remix of the title track are exclusive to this release. Featuring stand out tracks like "NBCFWM", "Cold World" and the original mix of "Handle Ur Bizness" this shit is pure fire and should not be slept on by anyone who finds pleasure in banging head to the sounds of Brownsville's Finest. TURN IT UP!!

01. "NBCFWM"
02. "Soundman"
03. "Handle Ur Bizness"
04. "Way Of The World"
05. "Shady Grady's Bar & Grill"
06. "Move Something"
07." Cold World"
08. "Handle Ur Bizness" (DJ Premier Remix)



  1. Thousand thanks, Claaa! Keep on lacing us! jaschu

  2. Can you re-up this, plz?