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Saturday, October 15, 2011

More info on M.O.P. / Snowgoons LP

As reported about a month ago, The Mash Out Posse has been heavy at work in the studio with the German production trio known as Snowgoons (made up of DJ Waxwork, DJ Illegal and DJ Det). In the video above, Fame and B.D. reveals that the title of the quintet's full-length together will be "Sparta", and that the date is set for November 22. Lil' Fame has been dropping a shit load of hot guest verses since "Foundation" and Danze is just Danze; in other words I have high hopes for this project. There was also the promising first taste of Snowgoons-produced M.O.P. on the compilation album that was released in conjunction with the AC3 Hip-Hop Festival. In case you haven't heard "Anybody Can Get It" yet, I brought back the download link for the song below. All in all, this is yet another extremely interesting hip-hop release of 2011, I'm amazed by the amount of dopeness we've been offered this year!


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