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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sean Born - "909 Jack: BTS Pause Mix"

DMV's Sean Born's album "Behind the Scale" is set for release via Mello Music Group on February 15. Throughout the last few years, Born has made his name known from guest apperances on several quality albums by artists like Kenn Starr, Hassaan Mackey, Apollo Brown, Kaimbr and Kev Brown. The last mentioned is also the main producer of "Behind the Scale" which is usually a sign of quality. You can pre-order it on vinyl or CD @ UGHH or in digital format via  iTunes.

To initiate us into his world, Sean Born has connected with DJ Marshall Law and host Peter Rosenberg to hook us up with "909 Jack: BTS Pause Mix". The tape is an ode to the old school pause mixes that many of todays best producers took their first musical steps with - "In true Low Budget fashion we take it back to dual tape decks. DJ Marshall Law and host Peter (PMD) Rosenberg get you familiar with Sean Born on this throwback featuring new, unreleased and random joints".

2. Invisible Hate (The Dope Jam) -feat. And Prod. By Early Reed
3. Never too late- feat. Kenny Cold - Prod. By Kev Brown
4. From my Porch -Prod By Kev Brown
5. Ready Rock (I wanna rock freestyle) feat.  Kenny Cold
6. Isaac Jones Intro - Prod By Kev Brown
7. Rappin'- Kaimbr and Kev Brown feat Sean Born (The Alexander Green Project)
8.The Trenches - Hassaan Mackey feat Sean Born (from the Daily Bread Album produced by Apollo Brown )
9. Strawberry Diesel (Fuck Blunt Wraps) Prod. By Early Reed
10. This Home feat Kenny Cold, Kaimbr and 'Toine of DTMD - Prod. By Kaimbr
11. Codeine Dreams feat. Kaimbr and Kenny Cold- Prod. By Early Reed
12. Jim Kelly Feat. 'Toine of DTMD Prod. By Early Reed
13. Go Hard - Prod by Kev Brown
14. Bullshit feat Hassaan Mackey - Prod by Kev Brown
15. The Combination - Kaimbr and Kev Brown feat Low Budget- Prod By Kev Brown (The Alexander Green Project)
16. Solid- Kaimbr and Kev Brown feat Isaac Jones- Prod By Kev Brown (The Alexander Green Project)
17. Look- Isaac Jones - Prod. By Kev Brown
18. YellowCake - Feat. Early Reed and  Kenny Cold- Prod by Early Reed
19. Isaac Jones Outro- Prod. By Kev Brown


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