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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Legendary multi-talented producer Diamond D isn't afraid to branch out of his typical genre. In fact, he can create fatastic music no matter what lane he currently rocks; Diamond's an artist that always modified the beat to the artist he's working with and not the other way around. Besides more traditional hip-hop classics, the super producer occassionally dabbles in jazz, R&B/soul and psychadelic rock .And  Joseph Kirland (or Diamond D as more of you know him) has got some serious skills on the wheels of steel too. 

As reported earlier, The D.I.T.C. member is going back to his soul roots to produce the entirity of Blake Carrington's album, under the title "The Blask Moses Project".  Carrington and Kirkland has worked together for a long time now; the former has made guest apperances on most of Diamond's solo albums  since 1997 so they has clearly developed a very serious relationship. The digital single has been released via Diamond's soundcloud and must be the intro to the record considering it's titled "The Prolouge" and clocks in at just over two minutes. I can dig it!

The Black Moses Project - "The Prolouge"

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