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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Two-in-One Punch [Video Edition] - Prodigal Sunn + Brother Ali

Instead of making two separate posts when two or three banging new videos jsut dropped I sometimes go for this format instead although the songs in question have nothing to do with eachother and y'all seem to be fine with it it so hear we again. Up top you'll hear and see a meeting between two of Rhymesayer's finest; a label/crew I feel have about 50/50 in real dope artists versus those that are the equivallent of non-recreational sleeping pills. I'm talking about emcee Brother Ali hooking up with half-underrated producer Jake One; both has been on my radar since 2003 (Ali) and 2004 (J-O) so to learn that "Writer's Block" is not a random collaboration but in fact the first single from their collabo LP "Mourning in America" which they apprantly are just "putting the finishing touches on". Remember their previous work together, "The Truth", one of my favorites of 2008 so I got high hopes on this one guys!

The other video for the day comes from Sunz Of Man's own Prodigal Sunn who kicks some mad hyped veres over DJ Premier's original beat for Jeru the Damaja's classic '94 cut "Ain't The Devil Happy". I usually say that you shouldn't fuck too much with the real masterpieces of the past like this, but once I hit play and P.Sunn's verse started I was hooked and couldn't do nothing else but take every word of his in. This guy used to be one of my all time favorites Wu-Tang affilliates, based on his Sunz's track but even more on his many Wu-Tang Clan features - hell, besides Street Life and Cappadonna (who are pretty much obligatory on any WTC album anyways), he's, together with 12 O'Clock. the only Killa Bee to ever have appeared with an actual verse on a Clan project ("Chrome Wheels" on "Iron Flag" a decade ago). I really hope he decides to drop something official soon enough, although that "The New Beginning" tape with DJ Premier beats that "Ain't The Devil Mad" comes from was a great mixtape that showed that he hasn't lost a step.

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