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Friday, November 25, 2011

Notes to Self / EVIDENCE + Killah Priest

Notes to Self is a relatively new group on the hip-hop scene that's starting to cause quite a stir in the underground community. The quartet consists of emcees Swamp Donkey and Roshin, producer/rapper Bronze One and the turntable wizard DJ Dopey who's best known for taking home the crown on the DMC 2003 world championship. In other words, these guys ain't playing! They caught the interest of BBE Music and started working on their debut LP, " A Shot in the Dark" that was released a couple of years ago to positive reviews.

Considering that I've been a fan of Dilated Peoples' since 2000s "The Platform", I was thrilled to see two Dilated cameos on the disc. Evidence spits a sick ass verse on the lead single, "Notes to Self" (and also appears in the video) as well as a cameo from the full crew on the bonus track "Yellow & Grey" remix. If you like what you're hearing, don't hesitate to purchase your copy of the album @

 The second video in this double feature is for Killah Priest's new single "The Document", also just released. It's hard to keep up with the unbelivably underrated emcee that is Killah Priest, but if all these recent songs appears on his next album this would make it the third or fourth video from his new project. The LP "The Psychic World Of Walter Reed" has been years in the making and will feature production by the likes of RZA, 4th Disciple and Godz Wrath to name a few. Rumors has it that it might end up being a double CD and I for one, can't fucking wait! Priest is easily one of the illest and most clever rhymeslingers in the field of rap music. "Heavy Mental" and "The Offering" is close to perfection so I hope this will be just as, or at least close to, as good. TURN IT UP!!

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