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Friday, December 2, 2011


 Aaaah, this should be some serious flavor right here as Andrew Kelley and Raekwon prepares a fresh dish of "Dope On The Table". Kelley first worked with Rae as one of the co-producers on the recent Wu-Tang projects "Chamber Music" (2010) and "Legenary Weapons" (2011). This is a remix tape so no new verses from The Chef but shit is still official and judging by previous works (including similiar mixtapes with AZ and The Clipse) this should definitely be worth half an hour of your time. Check out more info and music from Andrew Kelley @ Tumblr including the stories behind the music found below.

01. "Two Brothers On the Corner" (Ft. Big L)
02. "Ill Figures" [Remix] (Ft. M.O.P. & Kool G Rap)
03. "Bricks" (Ft. Biggie Smalls & Ghostface Killah)
04. "401K" (Ft. Sean Price & Pusha T)
05. "Hallwayz (The Good Die Young)" (Ft. Littles)
06. "Fool's Paradise" (Ft. Fabolous)
07. "So Called Friends" (Ft. Big Boi, Pusha-T & DJ Mekalek on the Crossfader)

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