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Friday, December 23, 2011

FASHAWN - "Generation F"

Fashawn's official debut album, "Boy Meets World", was one of my absolute favorites of 2009 and made me regard him as one of the freshest new artists on the block. Since 2010 the young California native has dropped a few mixtapes, some loose tracks and even the occassional video but nothing that, to me, was anywhere close to what he's proven capable of. 

That's why this song and video "Generation F" really once again got me hyped for him; Fash got the vocal parts and lyrics on lock and the production, provided by ATG, suits the tune fine. The track is one of twelve to fourteen original Fashawn tracks to be released  in March as "Champagne & Styrofoam Cups". If I understand correctly that project is not the artist's real official sophomore (which will also be produced by Exile) but rather a soundtrack to a 45 minutes mini movie directed by Punit Dhesi (click here to see a seven minute clip) that will accompany the release of the album. Gonna be interesting to both see the flick and hear the music, no question about that!

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