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Thursday, December 8, 2011

KRS-ONE - "AzTechnical"

Here's the third single from KRS-One's 20th official album, now titled "Just Like That" and given a release date on January 4th next year. The song is called "AzTechnical" and is absolutely fucking brilliant; KRS-One once again proves why he's one of the greatest writers of our time as he gives us his perspective on the prophecies about December 12, 2012. Much truth being spat in these two verses and I'm definitely down with what he's saying. Make sure to go and read the emcee's full letter for the video description @ YouTube.

Also notice that this is the third song from the upcoming LP that's produced by Kris's old P.N.C., Mad Lion. I've really been feeling all the music he's been supplying for these tracks and considering the artist's recent trend of doing one MC / one producer albums, I say that Mad Lion will most likely lace the entire thing.

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