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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

PETE ROCK vs. DJ PREMIER - "The Warm Up"

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last year you are aware that a meeting between the 1990s two single-handedly most legendary producers in album format has been promised. The discussion about who's the sickest producer between Pete Rock and DJ Premier has been a hot topic amongst hip-hop fans since the early 1990s so this is unquestionably a project that's a dream come true for many true school heads. Personally I couldn't for my life say for certain who's my favorite between them but they are definitely both in my top 5. DJ Premier is the king of the boom bap, unbelivably ill at picking and chopping addictive samples and I have yet to hear a song from him where the melody, knock-out drum patterns and scorching basslines have failed to impress me. Pete Rock has always been the Soul Brother #1, equally good at picking and chopping up obscure samples but often favor a more soulful and jazzier sound over the dark and gritty stuff Preem loves. To me Rock maybe has a little more average beats than Premier but on the other hand he is more varied and takes more risks. The vast majority of the time his beats are absolute killers of course and they both have huge catalouges. Another thing that's a trademark for both is their impeccable turntablism, a skill they both has honed over many years as they are both also deejays.
As we all know loads of projects are promised only to never actually materializes and both of these musical giants have had their fair share of mentioning such projects. However, this "DJ Premier vs. Pete Rock" album is something I believe will actually go down sooner or later; there's already been lots of interviews on the project including info about already recorded tracks, and there's even been a few live shows featuring them both. Through those interviews we have been informed that the album will have twelve songs with each producer contributing six tracks featuring a guest vocalist of their choice. Rock has revealed Rapper Big Pooh as one of his features and Preem mentioned Wu-Tang's GZA/Genius. Whenever this project drops, one thing is for certain - this album will be mindblowing and most likely one of the absolute finest albums of 2012 (if we actually gets it by then).

So why the hell am I writing this post now without a release date or any new info in the can? Well, this is The Lost Tapes and as you might know, one of the things I deal with here are those compilations you all love and appreciate so much. So in preparation for that Pete Rock / DJ Premier collaboration I wanted to put together a little something to give us an idea of what we can expect from a project like this. Both of them have been rather productive this year so I thought it was a cool idea to assemble eight of my favorite recent joints from each of these legends. Instead of making a "Pete Rock Section" and a "Premier Section" I found that it works best to sequence the songs so that every other track is produced by one of them and vice versa. All songs are from 2011 except for Cypress Hill's "Light It Up" from last year; this is because I did not want to include any tracks from the album Pete produced for Smif-N-Wessun this year since that's something that holds up more than well in its own right. Aight folks, get ready for some raw ass Boom Bap for 2011 and feel free to drop a comment on who's output is better on the project I call "The Warm Up". And yo, TURN IT UP!!

01. Torae - "That Raw"
02. Reks - "The 25th Hour"
03. Cypress Hill - "Light It Up"
04. Slick Rick - "I'm A Bad"
05. 80 Blocks From Tiffanys - "Mic Check"
06. Royce Da 5'9" - "Second Place"
07. Styles P / Pharoahe Monch - "Children"
08. Edo G - "Fastlane"
09. Verbal Kent - "Take"
10. Torae - "For The Record"
11. 80 Blocks From Tiffanys - "No Hook"
12. Bumpy Knuckles - "B.A.P."
13. Reks - "Thin Line"
14. Game - "Born in the Trap"
15. Kanye West / Jay-Z - "The Joy"
16. Big Shug - "We Miss You"

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