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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"97 Majesty Promo #3" (Ft. Killa Sin, Timbo King & Killah Priest)

My man Jammin stays on the Wu-Tang related news like a hawk, and he's damn incredible at that. It turns out that three of the foremost Killa Beez have joined forces for an EP release that they have been working on for several months in the quiet. The reason we haven't heard it yet, 'Bo King explains:

"W've had some of these songs ready for almost a year now, but there are certain forces out there keeping us from releasing them. Eventually, you will see a single or EP released both digitally and in a limited vinyl run. This is for all the Wu-Tang fans worldwide. The ones who have been waiting all too long to hear "that sound". We've got one of the master purveyors of that sound on here - a nice little surprise - as well as another special guest and what may be the last Killa Sin verse recorded before they took him away from us again."

'Bo King, Killah Priest and Killa Sin have aways been amongst my absolute favorites Wu reated artists, and one of the few members of the gang who always stayed true to themeselves when it came to quality. Further good news is that the trio plans to release not only their new EP in a digital format, but also a limited pressing... Well you got my money! I'm not entirely sure about the title, but the one minute promo is called "'97 Majesty Promo #3" so maybe "'97 Majesty" is the title, considering they clearly want to give something back to the fans who have followed them since those times. We'll just have to wait and see, and of course The Lost Tapes will keep you updated!

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