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Friday, December 27, 2013


My latest post on this blog concentrated on the latest single from Fredro Starr's fully Audible Doctor produced new album "Made in the Streets". In that post I mentioned that the album is set to be officially released via digital retailers such as iTunes on December 30. This still holds as true as then, but as a very fine Christmas present Fredro and The Audible Doctor decided to unleash a free HQ stream of the entire 12-track album on December 25, and god damn it if this album isn't every bit as hot as each of the singles pointed towards (if you follow this blog you know I've been pretty much going crazy about each one of them). 

Stripped of any filler with its short running time, Fredro Starr's delivery and writing is better than it has been in years, something that partly can be chalked up to the amazing soulful but often dark boom bap work of The Audible Doctor that very likely inspired the Onyx emcee more than any producer has done in years. I've been saying all year that Audible is a producer that in a relatively short time has turned into one of the absolute top beat maestros on the scene. With tracks like "That New York", "Holdin' It Down", "Racing", "Suicide Queens", "Ain't No Other Kings", and so on, this is a true New York album in every mean of the word; from the writing, to the agressive flows, mad cuts, and the nod to the second Golden Age of hip-hop (the early-to-mid-'90s that is kids). From the instrumental opening banger "Everyday Hell" that sets the tone so well, to the mindblowing remix of the title track that closes the set, this is without a doubt one of the finest albums of the year and a superb treat for both Onyx fans and followers of The Doctor. TURN THIS MOTHERFUCKER UP LOUD and support for the cause on December 30!

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