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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WILLIE THE KID Ft. Sean Price & Sha Stimuli - "Delirium"

Willie The Kid has really stepped out of his brother's shadow this last year with a string of knocking releases, most recently the highly rewind-worthy "Masterpiece Theater" EP with producer The Alchemist. Now, only a few months later The Kid is back with a full-length album, completely produced by critically acclaimed Wisemen member Bronze Nazareth. We've heard two tracks before that all sound pretty promising, but the latest single that was just premiered by is in fact the fattest yet. Entitled "Delirium", the song features Willie lyrically sparring with no lesser spitters than Sean Price and Sha Stimuli over a vintage soul-chop-heavy Bronze Nazareth beat. Check out the single and the tracklist below (with links to the two previous singles for anyone who might've missed on 'em the first time). "The Living Daylights" will be available January 2014...

01. "Intro"
02. "Avalon" (Ft. Roc Marciano)
03. "The Guilt"
04. "Ain't Nothing" (Ft. Boldy James)
05. "Fucking Blades" (Ft. La The Darkman)
06. "Bless My Food" (Ft. Tekh Togo)
07. "Sweet Sorrow"
08. "Delirium" (Ft. Sean Price & Sha Stimuli)
09. "The Blitz" (Ft. S-Class Sonny)
10. "Coming From"
11. "Breakfast In France"
Bonus Tracks
12. "Ice Cold Guiness" (Ft. La The Darkman)
13. "Wu Babies" (Ft. Young Dirty Bastard & Sun God)

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