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Saturday, December 21, 2013

[Video] KENDRICK LAMAR - "Sing About Me (Pt. 1)"

There's no question that Kendrick Lamar's LP "Good Kid, MA.D.D. City" was one of the best, most thought-provoking and original debut albums in quite some time. It took me several listens Before I really realized how dope it was, but once it sunk in completely I was in total amazement at large parts of the album. And one of my favorite songs off the entire project was the Beautiful and touching seven minutes epic "Sing About Me / Dying Of Thirst", that's as crazy of a concept song as anything I've heard. The way Lamar takes on several different persons from his family and close friends that he has hurt somewhere along the lines of his life rhyming as them in letter form to Kendrick, including a cousin that got shot in his arms. Absolutely brilliant... The second part hit even more Close to home for me and I really hope that will get the Visual treatment as well but until that day, I'm very happy with this one which makes me want to pick up the "Good Kid" LP which I haven't bumped in a while now.

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