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Saturday, December 28, 2013

[EP] MELA MACHINKO - "9am Blues - The EP"

Damn, soul queenstress Mela Machinko apparantly dropped a digital EP right before Christmas entitled "9am Blues - The EP". I was a huge fan of her official debut album "Hov Said It Best", even dubbing it the finest soul album of the year, so this official follow up is super welcome. While it's not as strong as her debut, it is undoubtedly a fine effort that runs through several different styles, all well executed by both Machinko and her producer. And the fact that her producer happens to be the always interesting Mr. Len (who's career I've followed and supported since his days with Co Flow) is another reason why you should definitely press play below [track 8 is produced by Vandalizm]. Favorite songs on first listen, the smooth hip-hop flavored "Brooklyn Blues", featuring a short but inspired cameo from Skyzoo, and the bass, keys, and guitar heavy "Employment". Enjoy, and thanks to Lost Tapes reader Sean for putting me on to this in the first place! Oh and for some reason the embeded player from Mela's Bandcamp starts at track #2, so remember to rewind one track before pressing play!

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