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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

[Video] WILLIE THE KID - "The Pleasantries" / "Moving Forward"

Willie The Kid really stays busy these Days; there was a pont where I wasn't very impressed with him or his output, but with the releases of his properly titled "Masterpice Theater" this summer, a long with the singles from his upcoming full-length album "Living Daylights", enitrely produced by The Wisemen's Bronze Nazareth (if you missed any of the leaks from the latter or the ALC EP, click here. In between these two releases, Willie also released a free mixtape entitled "Aquamarine" which I have to admit I completely slept on. Well WTK has just released a brand new music video, featuring no les than two of the standouts from "The Aquamarine". The black and White video incude the Soundaffecz joint "The Pleasantries", as well as "Moving Foward", produced by Hippie Sabotage. These are both sounding very good and I will check out the mixtape pronto, and if you're a sleeper like me, I posted the DJBooth link below. Enjoy!

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