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Friday, December 6, 2013

REDMAN Previews "Muddy Watters #2"

Reggie Noble is by far one of the most consistent emcees out there, dropping dope abum after dope album (that horrendous "Reggie Noble" notwithstanding). Til' this day, his hottest LP:s are obviously his three first in my opinion, with '96:s "Muddy Waters" maybe the strongest of them all. There's been rumors about a sequel to "Muddy Waters" for at least two years, but now it seems that there's no more empty talk and that we're actually getting the album sooner or later. In fact, three "Muddy Waters" projects will be released in a near future - the actual album, an EP and a mixtape, so get prepared for a whole lot of dope music. In the video above you see Redman in the studio previewing a gang of the tracks from the mixtape. Sounding good; sounding great; how are you?

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