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Friday, December 6, 2013

DICE RAW - "Run"

Since Dice Raw made his presence known to the World on The Roots' "The Lesson Pt. 1" ("Do You Want More, Vol. 1?"), the impressive Philly youngsters has made his mark on the classic hip-hop music of The Roots by appearing on several songs on each on pretty much all of their LP:s. In 2000 Raw released his official debut album on MCA Records, "Reclaim The Dead" - an album that left much to be desired. Since then he's dropped a slew of EP:s and tight guest verses, making fans fiend for a new full-length LP. Good news is that "Jimmy's Back" (a reflection on the Jim Crowe laws that still to this day are an importan part of any KKK doctorine).

""Life in the ‘hood is universal – it’s all about surviving against the odds, and for many, it’s a quest everyday not to get popped by the police. DICE RAW of the legendary Roots Crew paints a masterful portrait of the plight of his people trapped in the prison of urban life, and especially the millions of endangered, young Black men caught in the industrial prison complex."

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