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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

[Trailer] ROC MARCIANO - "The DJ Brans Remix" EP

There's no questions anymore that Roc Marciano is the hardest working man in hip-hop right now, something that most of the time lead to a lack of quality material, but Roc is one of those rare artists that have absolutely zero problems balancing quantity and quality. Since mid-2010 he has released four quality albums (including the free "The Pimpire Strikes Back") and a couple of EP:s, including his just released "Marci Beaucoup" which personally is my most played record at the moment a long with MF Grimm & Drasar Monumental's masterpiece album "Good Morning Vietnam". Before fans even had a chance to let the last brilliant Man Bites Dogs album sink in, the Strong Island emcee teams up with rising underground label EFFISCIENZ and talented DJ Brans for a six track remix EP that's out on wax in a limited 500 pressings edition now - with digital edition following on January 14. Check the artwork and tracklist below and order your limited copy via the label link above whether you simply want the 12" for £11.99 or an autographed copy of the way more limited test pressing for the price of £29.99. No matter what, this sounds really dope so TURN THAT TRAILER AT THE TOP OF THIS POST WAY UP while we're waiting for the delivery or digital copies.
A1. "Do The Honors" (Ft. Dino Brave & Lost Occupants; Cuts by DJ Daz) [Remix]
A2. "Warm Henessy" (Ft. Hus) [Remix] (click to hear full song)
A3. "Keep It Movin'" (Ft. Wyld Bunch; Cuts by DJ Daz) [Remix]
B1. "Do The Honors" [Remix Instrumental]
B2. "Warm Henessy" [Remix Instrumental]
B3. "Keep It Movin'" [Remix Instrumental]

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