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Friday, December 6, 2013

[Tracklist] ROC MARCIANO - "Marci Beaucoup"

Rocky Marciano and Alchemist are porbably the two single-handledly most active artists in the hip-hop community these days. ALC was one of the production co-ordinators of The UN:s debut album, and has since produced songs for two of Roc's solo albums. While Alan is one of the best producers working, Roc is known for producing the bulk of his own mateial. This means that his upcoming "Marci Beaucoup" will be slightly different from his previous projects - and not only because it's being released by Decib Recotds, but also because it is, in Roc's own word, more of a producer driven album - or in other words, an LP that the Strong Island artist has produced in its entirety, enlisting several different artists to rhyme over his beats with only a few guest verses making their rounds from the maan himself. The album is being released onMan Bites Dogs records and features artists like Evidence, KA, Guilty Simpson, Maffew Ragazino, AG, Gangrene, Boldy James, Cormega, AG Da Coroner, and a few others getting it in over Roc's dark, agressive soundscapes. Shouls definitey be an interesting isten. The album is out December 17 on M.B.D. Records.
  • 0l. "Intro"
  • 02. "Love Means "(Ft, Evidence)
  • 03. "Squeeze" (Ft. KA & Guilty Simpson)
  • 04. "456" (Ft. Action Bronson)
  • 05. "Drug Lords" (Ft. Knowledge The Pirate)
  • 06. "Dollar Bitch" (Ft. Maffew Ragazino)
  • 07. "Don't" (Ft. Freeway & Knowledge The Pirate)
  • 08. "Soul Music" (Ft, AG of DITC)
  • 09. "Trying to Come Up" (Ft. Boldy James)
  • 10. "Psycho Ward" (Ft. Gangrene)
  • 11l "Confiscu" (Ft. KA)
  • 12. "Willie Manchster" (Ft. S.A.S. - Eurogang)
  • 13- "Cut The Check" (Blu & Quella Chris)
  • 14."Safe /SSkit)"
  • 15. "War Scars" (Ft. Cormega & AG Da Coroner)

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