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Saturday, December 7, 2013

[Mixtape] K-DEF - "Looking For The Perfect Break V.2" (Side A)

I've always held K-Def in an extremely high regard, not only is he one of the best producers around, but he's got a great ear for fresh talent, is a skilled mastering and sound engineer and his quality/quantity radio is pretty much consistent. Only in 2013 he has released several 7" singles, three LP:s/EP:s, mastered and mixed much of Redefinition Records output, and released the mixtape "Looking For The Perfect Break" (remember that he started out as a DJ). Now, it's time again as DJ Def digs deep into his crates to create a continious 40 minutes mix of obscure funk, soul, instrumental hip-hop and jazz to great result. Unlike many mixtapes, both volumes are available exclusively on vinyl and MC but can are also available for your free streaming enjoynment (click here for Volume 1). Right now, Redef and 'Def has uploaded Side A so be sure to press play and I promise you that you won't be dissapointed in the heat that is "Looking For The Perfect Break".

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