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Friday, December 6, 2013

MADLIB - "Hold The Organ"

The announcement of Madlib's new entry in The Beat Konducta seríes is by far one of the most excititing news 2013 has yet to offer. From "Vol. 1-2: Movie Scenes" and "3-4: Scenes in India", to 'Lib and J-Rocc's tribute to Dilla on "Vol. 5-6: A Tribute to..." and "MM3: Beat Konducta in Africa", the Beat Konducta series together represents some of Madlib's finest and most exquisite works that together paints a flattering picture of what experimental good instrumental hip-hop should sound like.

The next volume in the Stones Throw/Madlib Invazion series is called "Rock Konducta" and sees Jackson create way-out-there hip-hop beats on his SP1200 and his vast library of  obscure rock and heavier funk records. Not too long ago, we heard "The Mad March", and now we get something just as funky with "Hold The Organ". Per usual order, this entry in "The Beat Konducta" will be split into, and sold as, two separate vinyl releases, though CD-buyers will be able to get all of the music on a 2xCD set. You can order the first volume LP right away from

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