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Friday, December 6, 2013

[Unearhed] THE U.N. - "Lost '99 demo track"

Most of the times, it'll  takes a truly brilliant brilliant true school hip-hop site like the always trustworthy to dig up and upload some of the most intersting hardcore hip-hop out there. Not only did Robbie and the good folks at UNKUT post a full, previously unreleased late-'90s song, by the entire  four man crew formerly known as The UN. Recorded around the same time as their underground classic "U N Or U Out".(2003), but in the end the four man crew and their A&R:s Schott Free, and Bob Adler decided to delete these tracks from the final retail album -This is more because it didn't really fit in with the vibe of the album than this lost cut being of poor quality. but that sure as hell don't mean that they are not just as immaculate records as the rest of . On in other words, though it might not be the materpiece that 85% of the retail album was made up of, it's a very welcome leak with its agressively pounding rhythm section, low-key soul and early stand out verses from Roc Marcy, Dino Brave, Mic Raw and Laku. This was premiered @ Frozen File Radio in the last few days, and Robbie of Unkut keeps stayng on top by uploading the entire song to his site's Bandcamp Page. So all props to Frozen File Radio and Robbie.


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