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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DXA / KLAUS LAYER - "Rise Up" / "Get On The Beat"

Following German beat genius Captain Crooks/Klaus Layer's first release on Redefinition, the amazing "Adventures of Captain Crook", the emcee/producer quartet DXA enlist Klaus talents for their new 7" single. With Layer lacing both the A- and B-side, "Rise Up" and "Get On The Beat" you can count on it being sample based boom bap hip-hop at its finest, with thumping bass and drums, slick cuts, horns fading in and out, distant vocal samples, allowing the emcees a chance to really shine. A highly recommended self-released vinyl single that should definitely find its way to your collections. In fact the guys are so confident in their product that they allow potential buyers test the product by both streaming and download HQ rips of the track below.


  1. DXA is a group which consists of 4 emcees/producers

  2. thanks for the info, i'm fixing it right away!