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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Classic Clips - DJ Muggs @ DMC '89

Classic Clips is a new entry in the book of The Lost Tapes which I will try to update every once in a while. The idea is to, rather than just linking to a music video, post rare, vintage moments that represents the hip-hop culture and some of its most legendary artists. The clips will be at the very least ten years old in time. I was originally gonna kick things off with a different clip but as I stumbled across this awesome video yesterday, I decided it was perfect for this section.

The clip features an entire set of DJ Muggs, or Grandmixer Muggs as he was known then, performance from the DMC Championship Finals back in 1989 (that's the biggest DJ competition there is for those who is not initiated). Back then Muggs was of course part of the 7A3 trio and Cypress Hill/Soul Assassins was still in incubation. He's displaying some heavy skills on the tables here for sure, although the beat juggling might not be up to par with todays best turntablists. It makes me wonder why he doesn't incorporate more cuts on his records these days however. Last but not least I wanna give a big shout to the YouTube user Asn0910 for uploading this incredible lesson in hip-hop history!

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