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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Skyzoo - "The Great Debater" (Mixtape)

After dropping a few leaks from "The Great Debater", I was suprised to see that it is actually released as a free 16 track album. I'm always 50/50 when it comes to mixtapes but when it comes to Skyzoo, his previous mixtapes and street albums like "Corner Store Classics Revisited", "The Power Of Words" and "Cloud 9" should guarantee this being another hot project.

I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet myself, but the three leaks I've heard so far promise good things, and as production is handled by the likes of Oh No, 9th Wonder, IllMind, Swiff D and others (no production credits for separate tracks though) I can't really see this go wrong. This should be gracing my headphones tonight, I can assure you that; and you should bang it yourself.

01. "Complicated Rhythm"
02. "Rap Like Me"
03. "Written In The Drums"
04. "Designer Drugs"
05. "Parade Me"
06. "We Here"
07. "Atypical"
08. "Expensive Habits" (Ft. Jessie Brooklyns III)
09. "Until It All Goes" (Ft. Matthews)
10. "Test Drive"
11. "Inheritance"
12. "Get Him to The Greek"
13. "Could've Struck The Lotto"
14. "For The Awake" (Ft. King Mez)
15. "For The Sleepers"
16. "The Definite Prayer"


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