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Monday, June 20, 2011

Gnarls Barkley working on 3rd album

 This is just incredible news for me; MC/Singer Cee-Lo Green is once again teaming up with super producer Danger Mouse for a third installment of Gnarls Barkley. Since I first heard "St. Elsewhere" I was absolutely blown away, as with the the previous Goodie Mobb albums and D.M. produced albums like "The Grey Album", "Ghetto Pop Life", The DangerDOOM LP, "Demon Days", etc. has been constantly making me hit the rewind button over the years.

Danger Mouse is one of the most original and abstract producers of the decade and he just can't stand still, always trying to push the envelope further. Similary, Cee-Lo has always been an incredible talented and daring artist with a large, large dose of that SOUL. Gnarls Barkley might just be my favorite project from either one of them though; one of the best modern producers of all time as far as modern experimental and often abstract production goes that really meshes well with Cee-Lo's unique style. A clear winner.

I can't fucking wait for this project since this is easily two of my favorties. I realy hope this will turn out as good as "St. Elsewhere" and "The Odd Couple". What you think, will this be just milking something that's already been done to perfection and can't be improved or might it be equally good  as the previous LP? Drop a comment in that section with your thoughts on this. I for one will most definitely check it out, that's for sure! STAY TUNED!!!

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