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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jay Dee's The Instrumental Series

Throughout this blogs history I've shared some bangin' compilations of Jay Dee material. These included the Busta Rhymes tape with all the Jay beats from his many albums, my take on what Frank-N-Dank's "48 HRS" might've sounded like if the label hadn't fucked it up and the incredible "The Soul Of Dilla" which showcased how incredible Dilla was not only as a hip-hop producer, but also as an R&B and soul producer. There were so many sides to Dilla and he reinvented his whole sound about every two years, and succesfully too!! When other underground producers started catching up he was on IT'S THE NEW!!! 

I recently been revisiting The Official Jay Dee Instrumental EPs and felt like sharing the first two volumes with my readers. This was a limited edition project Dilla made for and with back in 2003, two volumes of 8 previously unreleased instrumentals each. Volume 2 added 5 extra beats for the CD version of the "album" and eventually a third installment that took the best from both and added a few new tracis. I'm not sure whether or not all the beats on these three volumes were tracks that had already been made or if some of them were created especially for this series. I know that the "Busta" track on Vol. 1 was a track originally made for Busta's "Genesis" back in 2001, so it is likely that for example "Kamal" was something he worked on for Q-Tip. 

However that may be, both installments make for an interesting listen and while they don't rank amongst the late masterminds best material, this is unquestionable good material for any Jay Dee fan. Or any hip-hop head who enjoys listening to instrumental albums too, for that matter. If you're an MC these tracks are rhythmically much more straight forward and easier to flow on than anything on "Donuts". I got other, more rare, beat tapes by Dilla, out of print 12"s and EPs plus loads of material for compilations so expect alot more Dilla to come. But til' then, TURN IT UP!!

01. "Flyyyy"
02. "Busta"
03. "L.L."
04. "Hambro"
05. "Substitute"
06. "Guitar"
07. "Tomita"
08. "Vibeout"



01. "It's Dope"
02. "Kamal"
03. "Doo Doo"
04. "The Skip"
05. "Get Down"
06. "Dreamy"
07. "Coastin'"
08. "Dee"
09. "The Earl"
10. "On The 1"
11. "Circus"
12. "Grannie"
13. "Trashy"


  1. Hit me up if you need the six "new" V3 beats.

    1. Garage Band (beat was used by SV for "Lock It Down")
    2. Panther X
    3. Rock Parts (beat was used by Busta Rhymes for "Keep It Rocking For Y'all")
    4. The Wind
    5. Whistler
    6. Vampires (same as "Sycamore" from 'Donut Shop')

    None of the beats were made for Bling47. Before they were released, Waajeed wrote on that they were pulled from MPC sessions and that each volume represented different periods. I have a 2001 beat tape with "Flyyyy" and "Whistler" that also has the 'Genesis' demos. I also have a 2000 tape with "Dreamy" and another 2000 tape with "Busta," "L.L.," "Guitar," "Tomita" and "Vibeout." They're where the Jaylib mixtape beats are from.

    1. Hey man, I would LOVE to have those beats, I can't find them anywhere. Please email me at poog2gax at gmail dot com, if you have DropBox that works too. Thanks!!!

    2. Think you can send those beats my way too, thanks in advance.

  2. i need those beats!!! garage band, panther x, rock parts, ect
    please email me
    djcriticalhype at gmail

  3. Hey man I would love to add those extra vol. 3 beats to my dilla collection!

    Thanks man.

    peteleger at ymail dot com

  4. any way I can get those 6 beats?? email me please @

    would really like to have them

  5. would appreciate a DL. Thanks

  6. If anyone still has these beats would really appreciate you sending a download link to , cant seem to find a link anywhere!! - Thanks in advance