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Friday, June 10, 2011

Pete Rock breaks down classics... again?

 The great web-magazine Complex does another one of their amazing "artist breaks down many of their classic records" series. This time it's our favorite Soul Brother that tells the background stories on tracks he produced for the likes of Redman, Main Source, Public Enemy, Sadat X, Common, CL Smooth, InI and many, many more. Extremely interesting reading for people who loves the production side of hip-hop, like myself. What's strange though is that I am absolutely positive I've seen an article with Pete Rock breaking down 25 of his records in this series @ Complex a while back. Now I can't find it though but I am sure it's not my mind playing tricks on me, anyone else remember this?

Either way, big shouts to Complex for keeping on doing these articles and also peace to Ghostlaced for without him I would have probably missed out on it. I need to do a Pete Rock compilation soon again since he is one of my absolute favorites and one that I always support. Don't forget to check out "Between A Rock & A Smooth Place" which I did a while back and turned out great.

Pete Rock Tells All @ 

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