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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Prop Dylan vs. DJ Premier

Goddamn, this is a song I've been fiending to hear for a goo while now; this Sweden/US collaboration was first announced about six months ago if I recall correctly. Prop Dylan is a swedish MC who's been rapidly nade a name for himself in the unerground both in Sweden, Europe and the US. A few months ago, Dylan was spening some time in New York City and happened to end up in the legenary D&D studios (which is now Headquarterz Studios of course). There he recorded the track "Shock & Amaze", produced byt the one and only DJ Premier, making it the first Preem collaboration with a Swedish rhyme slinger.

Lately one of the greatest hip-hop producer of all time has expanding his pallette by lending his skills to several European artist and in my opinion it's a great thing when hip-hop is crossing borders because, no matter what many conservatives say, the culture is universal and struggle/hopelessness is everywhere.My only question is when Preem's gonna lace Linkan and Side Effectz though?

Great news is that while we will have to settle for the YouTube video for now Prop Dylan is planning to release the song both as an iTunes download but more importantly as a 12" single. Now that's what I'm talking about, don't let vinyl die!

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