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Monday, June 20, 2011

VIDEO: Khaleel Ft. Panchi - "Rappin' Exercise"

This song was first playe on Premier's LiveFromHQ's radio broadcast amongst with other dope Preem laced bangers showing he's still going strong. I actually seen this song catching flack over @ varius hip-hop forums and blogs but personally I always felt it was a banging record. The song is taken from the Year Round Records compilation "Get Used to Us" which features 16 previously unreleased DJ Premier bangers mainly showcasing his YRR roundsters with some additional guests.

The LP has gone through several difficulties getting it out there to the public; I was really hopping for an actual physical release - CD or wax doesn't matter because I'm supporting this either way. At least 85% of the songs are bangers if you ask me and although Javas cought some flacks for his unique rhyme patterns I think the kid got charisma, funny punchlines and overall quite a dope MC. Add some hot DJ Premier beats to Javas rhyming and, imo, he works perfectly in that context to me. Hopefuly we'll see "Get Used to Us" in a store near me and you soon because I'm definitely picking this up. 

For me this Showbiz produced baner always stood out and Khaleel and Panchi are definitely doing their thing over a rock-solid Showbiz production. TURN IT UP!!

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