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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sweet soul w. DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah

 The Lost Tapes is usually not the blog where you'll find some sweet soul music suitable for some romance with your women or to just put on to relax. There's not much classy soul being made these days but once in a while you'll hear something that really grabs your attention. Such is the case with Ayah, a relatively new female artist, with a truly sweet singing voice. DJ Jazzy Jeff is of course a pioneer, a true hip-hop legend and an impeccable producer/DJ and following his brilliant "The Magnificent" albums, his new project is a collaboration with the aforementioned Ayah.

Their collaborative full-length album is called "Back For More" and will be available to the world on July 12, and is definitely on my watch-list. Jazzy Jeff is one of the producers who handles jazzy hip-hop and straight soul music with equal grace and the songs I've heard so far sounds promising.

The project has been in the works for quite a while now as I remember hearing about it sometime last year when also a 5-track EP called "This Way" was released on the net. Since then I kinda forgot about the whole thing, until I saw the new video, "Notorious", posted on OnSmash today. I can't find the video on YouTube right now so I'll have to link to OnSmash below and I'm also adding the "This Way" EP (which also features 7 additional snippets besides the 5 full songs) via Jazzy Jeff's official site.

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