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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Free LP: LARGE PRO / L.E.O. (2008)

Emcee L.E.O. (an acronym for Love Equals Omnipotence) is by today standards, still a relative new rapper to emerge from the hip-hop scene. He has been rapping for a minute now and dropping some various internet only mixtapes with his crew  who just like hymself are hailing from Flushing, Queens. And as you might know this is also the place that Extra-P reps so I think it's safe to say that common friends or something of that nature is what made their collaboration happen. It's very rare for Large Professor to produce an entire album, and a free promotional digital LP is to my knowledge previously unheard of. But that's exacty what he's done; crafting eleven exclusive instrumentals for L.EO. to spit over for his  debut, "Spiritual Intelligence".

It's quite a light-hearted effort, L.E.O. rhymes with passion but doesn't always seem to take himself too seriously and while Large Professor don't bring out his G.O.A.T. beats´for the project, they damn sure ain't no throwaways either. Plus they fits the emcee they are designed for perfectly. You can definitely hear Extra-P's trademarks all over this, and if that wasn't enough, all cuts and mixing was handled by the one and only J-Zone. I unerstand alot of people have heard this before but for those of you who don't, I figured it was perfect The Lost Tapes material (especially considering Large Pro's one of the greatest beatmakers ever in my humble opinion). Also all the previous links has been uploaded to zShare which can be a real bitch for alot of internet users these days so this time I uploaded it to MediaFire instead. So g'ahead with ya bad self and hit download button. Oh, and for more info on L.E.O., check out his MySpace page.

All lyrics written and performed by L.E.O. except where indicated.
All beats by The Large Professor; All scratches and mixes by J-Zone, except cuts on track #6


  1. Cheers,

    this is a good one. New York rap always was my favorite with the life reflecting lyrics. Especially Mobb Deep's Prodigy had it on The Infamous. This were moments that took me into life realities of '95 New York and it was shocking as real it seemed. Today it's known Prodigy had surreal takes on what he was reflecting. Nevertheless it was a unforgetable listening experience. And New York had the hard hitting beats.

    This one reminds in away as far as it is on beats of The Infamous. Large Pro is a definite master of his production.

    So this makes my time more usefull. My view was not disappointed. It is really good.

    I only have some concerns if mediafire is legal?

  2. This is Love Equals Omnipotence, and I just wanted to say thank you for all the love you showed, from posting it on the wu tang forum to now. I am most humbled and deeply appreciate it! If you want to check out the new stuff I release in 2012, add me as a friend at facebook (search for Love Equals Omnipotence). Also, my group Unleashed By Science got a facebook page so you can check for me there as well. If you want to download this album or my first one produced by Xplicit (who produced Acknowledge by Masta Ase and In The Sun by Large Pro), check out Peace and continued blessings.

    Love Equals Omnipotence

  3. thank you too L.E.O. for taking your time and giving thanks, that's very much appreciated! i really enjoyed this project alot and been listening to it many times since it was first released back in 2008. i will check out your other work too, Xplicit seems like a really good producer based on the few works i've heard from him (basically the songs you mentioned) and i'll keep my eyes open for your new stuff!

    take care