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Sunday, September 18, 2011

TWO Unreleased PRINCE PAUL cuts

The genius producer/DJ known to the world as Prince Paul seems to have open up his own Mixcloud page where he will upload various unreleased cuts and alternative takes for our streaming pleasure. So far he has uploaded a different, original version of "Green Eggs and Swine" which was made for 3rd Bass' "Derelicts Of Dialect" album from '91. In Paul's humble opinion, this was the better version and I have to agree with him, that raunchy jazz piano sample fits like a glove. You can also listen to a song called "Ladies Man" produced by Prince Paul's own son, DJ P.Forreal with rapper Tee Harris on there.

The other Prince Paul joint currently available on the site is a rough unreleased mix of the super dope "My Life". If that doesn't ring a bell, that's because it was the last hidden bonus track (and one of the few really dope songs) on Paul's "Politics Of The Business" album. While the retail LP version had verses by Tre, Fatlip and Black Ice, the original mix heard here instead features Black Moon/Duck Down's Buckshot. The reason it didn't happen this way according to the producer was that they didn't have time to finish it in time for deaddline so duties were passed to The Pharcyde guys. Damn, I wish "Politics...." sounded more like this! Oh and thanks to Boothe @ The T.R.O.Y. Forums for this great find.

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