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Thursday, September 22, 2011

VIDEO: LEP/Bogus Boys w. Mobb Deep

I don't know much about the young team of rappers called LEP Bogus Boys besides that they are a rather new crew hailing from Chi City. This track featuring The Infamous Mobb Deep caught my interest and the shit goes HARD! Both P and Hav joins the group to rap their verses in the visual version of the song which is available now as you see above. If you want the joint, which has been out for a good while now, in Mp3 format you can grab your download below, courtesy of 2DopeBoyz!



  1. You got my attention claaa. I told my opinion about Mobb Deep in the L.E.O. post. I appreciate that the Mobb is on it again, since P got out the prison. They are showing long breathe, now that they are on features and do their appereance on many collaborations. The Mobb is present and that's one main point.

    The year 2011 was a successfull year for hip hop. Now that the Mobb will going to put at this year a new studio album out the hip hop agenda this year will be complete for sure. Hearing their verses as on this gives me a great expectation what their contribution on their album will be. They sound very fresh and ambitious. Even that they are multi-millionaires seems that they didn't stop their ground in hip-hop.

    I think Prodigy will be the more successfull part of the duo. He had mad promotion for his book, and he'll do alot more in next time. Havoc was busy, too.

    Yes, Queens is having the scene on lock. Even if the old Infamous MobB Deep will not be forming. I know Ty Nitty is apart of Mobb Deep, calling Prodigy a snitch. It doesn't matter for that fact for Mobb Deep to to their contribution to the game. They will go on.

  2. Peace homie. Co-sign, the Mobb is on the rise again and it's great to hear them this energized again. "Dog Shit" was pure heat too, and I recently finished reading P's biography, very good read.

    They are dropping a new EP, about 5 to 7 tracks deep, called "Black Heroine" on November 25. It will be a free download, you will definitely see it on here ASAP!