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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


One of the true pioneers of what we know as the Queensbridge sound, Tragedey Khadafi also remains one of the illest to emerge from that project. Below you'll find the latest single from his soon-to-be-here street album, "Thug Matrix III", which will be available on September 20. I can only find pre-order links for the mp3 release of the tape so it's possible that it's strictly digital. If anyone knows what's the deal with that, hit up the comments section. Also check out this early review of the album, written by Robbie @ Unkut, who's overall very positive to it. I've personally been impressed by all three leaks from this joint so far, so this is looking mad promising in my eyes.This particular banger features cameos from Planet Asia, King David and the late, great Killa Sha.


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