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Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Meta Historical": The Instrumentals

 As I'm sure you're aware of, Wu-Tang's master craftman True Master created a whole batch of vintage boom bap beats for The Blastmaster to drop bombs over last year. Personally I absolutely loved that album, despite some stupid skits, and I think True and KRS displayed great chemistry together. Knowledge Reigns Supreme is definitely an emcee you either love or hate these days it seems, and if you're one of them that fall in the latter category, Fat Beats Records is giving you a golden opportunity. All 11 songs from "Meta-Historical" will be released via the label on Tuesday so all True Master fanatics and aspiring rappers take notice! There's one catch though, just like the original vocal version will only be released on compact disc it seems. I really hope they come to their senses and release one of them on LP; I would buy a second copy, especially if it was the original version with KRS's vocals over that golden True Master rawness. Check out the sampler for the instrumental album below (or download here), and pre-order your copy @ Fat Beats or Amazon.

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