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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Masta Ace completes "MA DOOM" LP

Masta Ace keeps making moves after his so-called retirement from recording solo albums following his brilliant "A Long Hot Summer" in 2004. But while we've heard him in a group setting with EMC and his collaboration with Boston legend Edo G, for his new project The Juice Crew member is once again going to hold it down all by himself. "MA DOOM: Son Of Yvonne" is in a way a collaboration with MF DOOM although Ace has confirmed via Twitter that the beats he uses for the album is strictly from DOOM's instrumental "Special Herbz" series. Some of these has previously been used by emcees such as Ghostface Killah and John Robinson but personally I'm still excited to hear Ace's take on this material. With stuff like this dropping I'm kinda glad I haven't got around to peep "Special Herbz" in full yet, since this will sound just as fresh as if DOOM cooked up a batch of new beats for him. A little dissapointing is that he apparantly didn't manage to get ahold of a new verse from the producer for the album but oh, well. The planned date of release is sometime this November. If you haven't heard the single "PBS" yet, you can check it out below to get a taste of what to expect. It's been revealed that it most likely will not be apart of the LP though.


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