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Friday, September 2, 2011

Josh Osho & Ghostface Killah

Josh Osho is a new artist from South London about to break through on the soul/R&B scene with his debut album "L.I.F.E.". The first single is called "Redemption Days" and features Ghostface Killah on vocals and can be seen above. The album will have The RZA as executive producer and he will most likely contribute a few beats as well. Matter of fact the single includes a RZA remix of the song which I uploaded for y'all below. The remix takes a takes a totally different approach on the track as The Abbot puts the soulful vocals under a brand new, dark instrumental with a low accoustic guitar, keys, strings, scratches and most outstanding - "36 Chambers"-esque drums and bassline.

Almost all of the new R&B music, or what's passing for soul these days, are absolutely horrendous but this kid do pack a welcome soulful punch and with such backing it will be interesting to hear where he ends up. "L.I.F.E." is planned for release on October 24 and the single, where the RZA remix comes from, will be out digitally on September 5 and in physical form five days later. Thanks to DJ Swarm and Art Vanderlay for info and links. You can check out more about Josh Osho @ his official website.


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