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Thursday, September 29, 2011

LORD FINESSE - "Instrumentals" [Promo LP]

This is a real gem for all the D.I.T.C. heads; fourty minutes of uncut funk from the Funkyman Lord Finesse himself. Released as promo gear only and even at that in limited quantity, these banging instrumentals slipped past way too many fans when it was released in 2006. From what I recognize, at least half of the beats on here are primarily unreleased besides this vinyl, which is a shame since I can hear a number of rappers making hardcore masterpieces to these breaks. There's a few classics on here as well, Show & A's "Add On" makes an apperance as do L's "School Daze" and "All Black", for example. Check it out for yourself, all tracks produced by ´Ness.

01. "Intro"
02. "Papa Was Too"
03. "Ultramagnetic"
04. "Master Ya High"
05. "Let's Get it On"
06. "School Daze"
07. "Add On"
08. "Enchanted"
09. "Let 'Em Know"
10. "All Black"
11. "Soundtrack Theme"
12. "Makes The World Go 'Round"
13. "Timez Iz Hard"
14. "Baby, Baby"


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