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Friday, September 16, 2011

"School For The Blindman": Bonus cuts

Normally I wouldn't post something that an artist I respect makes his money off, but my hate for exclusive iTunes bonus tracks justifies this one for me. It's bugging me that we who still go out and support the artists and picks up physical copies often gets cheated of some of the illest tracks on an album. This happened many times in the past and I'm starting to get fed up with it! This time around, it's Bronze Nazareth's "School For the Blindman" that gives three exclusive heat rocks to digital consumers. These songs would all be stand-out tracks if included on the regular LP too! Interestingly enough they all feature new verses from The RZA himself and he rips them. On these and on "Fresh From the Morgue", RZAs sounding alot better than he's done over the last couple of years (an absolute low for me was his half-asleep verse on the True Master/KRS-One joint). Download below and TURN IT UP!!

21. "Carpet Burns" (Ft. The RZA)
22. "The Fellowship" (Ft. The RZA)
23. "Scot Free" (Ft. The RZA)


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